Tuesday, 22 February 2011

News: Kevin Saunderson responds to Supernova's "Beat Me Back" basically ripping off his track "The Sound" from 1987

Detroit legend and all around amazing person Kevin Saunderson is heated. You see, way back in 1987, he released on his own KMS Records imprint a track called "The Sound", one of the first worldwide Detroit techno songs to take off. And recently, Mr. Saunderson has found that there is a duo of Italians called Supernova who've put out a song 24 years later called "Beat Me Back", which not just samples from "The Sound" but basically rips it off completely, using a loop of the song as its backbone. According to Saunderson:

The reason I have decided to give this track away for free is because of a situation that recently developed involving the unauthorized sampling of “The Sound” by Italian producers Giacomo Godi & Emiliano Nencioni (Supernova) in their release “Beat Me Back” on Nirvana Recordings. It came to my attention that they are licensing and selling, with considerable success, this track which is nothing more than a continuous loop of the main hook from “The Sound”.

For me to hear Supernova taking an extended loop of “The Sound” and claiming that this is their own original composition and production is both dishonest and disrespectful. My first thought was that they were perhaps na├»ve, but as they have apparently been recording together since 2002 this seems unlikely. In any event this is completely unacceptable, we cannot continue to let this kind of wholesale rip off go unchallenged and tolerate “artists” who completely sample recordings, add nothing of their own and then release the results as their own work.

Saunderson has posted the rip-off track for free download so that Supernova can't make any more money off of his hook and he's also giving away the 1987 classic to call even further attention to the matter.

“The Sound” - Reese & Santonio (KMS) 1987

The Sound rip off/now called Beat Me Back By Supernova, what the hell