Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Who are you? Where are you from?

Interview originally posted on BALKAN VINYL

Who are you, and where are you from?

Mark Archer from Stafford (Midlands)

How did you first start out writing & releasing music?

Started back in 1988 using a pair of decks, a Realistic mixer, a Casio SK1 and a tape deck – God only knows how we got a deal (myself and Dean Meredith from Chicken Lips) but Blue Chip Records obviously had a bit of faith ;)

Who were your greatest influences when you first began, and who or what influences you now?

Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson were my main influences back then, and are still to this day but I’ve been influenced by so many people since then, from Daft Punk to Masters at Work to Frank de Wulf and beyond, but it always comes back to Detroit techno for me.

If you weren’t writing music, what would you probably be doing?

It would have to be something to do with music, probably DJing as it’s a very similar sort of buzz, and I’d deffo want to do something within the world of music as it’s what I love doing.

How did you hook up with Balkan Vinyl?

Messaged Josh over myspace about playing at I Love Acid (cos I do) and have played there a few times now, always a wicked gig with an interesting crowd (even the Turkish boxer) and was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the series :)

What other artists are you listening to or excited by currently?

B12 (obviously) and Move D, them Posthuman fella’s pull some beasts out the bag too

What is your favourite biscuit?

Depends on mood but the top four has to be fruit shortcake, custard creams, lemon puffs and garibaldi.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the music industry, how it is affected by and can it react & adapt to piracy, new technology, and the change in distribution and availability?

It ain’t what it was in 1991 that’s for sure, but I really think the industry as a whole was way too slow and greedy to be bothered with the internet side of things, and is now playing a losing game of catch up – small labels are moving the right way, it just needs the dinosaurs to catch up.

What is your proudest achievement, musically?

Probably my last three releases, the ‘Songs for..’ EP on DS93, the ‘Gyges’ EP on Mutate, and this one on Balkan – exactly what i’ve always wanted to do.

How did the 2000’s treat you?

On the whole it’s been really good, not been terribly productive with my musical output but got to travel the world and DJ a whole lot of places so I’ve been well lucky.

How do you write music – do you have a method or any habits or traditions?

I just hear a sound, think ‘that’s nice’ and work with it, build a track up round it. If I do a bunch of tracks in a similar vein it turns into an EP and so on, I never plan things as I can’t ever seem to force the writing process, it either happens or the gear gets unplugged.

What software & hardware do you use?

I used to use cubase v2 on an Atari 1040st and loads of Akai samplers and Roland gear but thats all gone now. Recently I’ve been using a program called Reaper which works in a very similar way to Cubase so it suits me.

What have you got happening now or in the near future?

Going to get back into production this coming year and will hopefully be starting a new joint project, as well as working on some more Mark Archer material.

21-41 features on the vinyl release of Red, and the Mark Archer remix of B12’s Free Flight features on the bonus CD

You can also catch Mark DJ-ing at the Balkan Vinyl launch party on Jan 30th, at I Love Acid

For more info on Mark Archer check Myspace / Facebook / Discogs

Mark Archer – DJ Mix (free download)


1. Trackman – Laughing
2. Trackman – Wickety Wack
3. Trackman – Track Six
4. Trackman – Don’t Stop
5. Trackman – Track Four
6. Trackman – Track One
7. Trackman – Track Five
8. Trackman – Track Two
9. Trackman – Smoothing
10.Trackman – Track Three
11. Trackman – Paradise
12. Convexion – Space Tea
13. E.R.P. – Wisteria
14. Kenny Larkin presents POD – Northern Light
15. Rhythim is Rhythim – Icon
16. Black Dog Productions – Okaku
17. Rhythim is Rhythim – Kaotic Harmony
18. Quark – Space
19. Anthony Shakir – The Random Hustle
20. Deboy – Detriot
21. Link – Amenity
22. The Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Beaten)