Monday, 12 July 2010

Nex on the Dex at Luke Handsfree's big 3 OH!!!

I'll be gracing the decks this Staurday at Corsica studio's for Luke Handsfree's 30th bash, here's some words from the man himself.....

I've been my usual busy bunny self and running around a great deal but have somehow managed to find some time to organise a big bouncy birthday party for my 30th.

Some of the best DJs and producers in the UK are playing HandsfreeThreeOh (heehee) which is in the 'UK's Best Small Club' (as voted for by the readers of Mixmag), Corsica Studios. Normally Corsica Studios is home to some of the big nights in the capital, but on July 17th you can gain access to it and the joys within for the princely sum of no money. That's a FREE party at Corsica Studios (as long as you get there before midnight) with lots of brilliant tunes and lovely people. Sounds pretty brilliant I reckons!

I'm going to be laying on snacks early on too; cheese and pineapple on sticks, cocktail sausages, houmous, crisps and fizzy pop. Aw, it's going to be so good. Invite anyone you like!!! (can't say fairer than that)

click here for the facebook event